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Saturday, July 28

And long ago I lost my soul to some forgotten dreamBut how was I supposed to know, it wasn't what it seemedAnd even though the last hello has left me on the floorI don't believe in Romeo's and heroes any more

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Friday, July 27

Just how can I get a birkin bag !?
Don't tell me with money, obviously with the money you are still on a waiting list !
Do let me know if anyone has a way of skipping up the list or something

Otherwise I'll just have to keep stalking the Hermes stores till they file a restriction order against me  

One day, one day I will 

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Tuesday, July 24

I'm just a Prisoner of Love

I'm still here where I was, much has been gained much has been lost.
What's left is just the emptiness and there's nothing I can do about it.

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Sunday, October 16

Since this place hasn't been touched for some time,
here's a picture for you to drool over.

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Saturday, May 28

max Chio-ness
Working the wonders of women's desire;
Beauty & Tiffany !

TIFFANY & CO. is proud to support LOVE & HOPE by LESLIE KEE, dedicated to the people of Japan who suffered from the Eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster. We wish this book will be a long-lasting testament to the hope for rebuilding the country, in addition to the donation to the Japanese Red Cross Society generated by the proceeds of the sale of this book. For TIFFANY, Love and Beauty are for today, tomorrow and always.
Stephane LAFAY
TIFFANY & CO. Japan President " ~

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Monday, May 23

Confessions of a recovering Alcoholic...

I woke up in the middle of a dreamand my eyelashes were wet.
I remembered the words, "please don't go"
What I can't erase or change is this feeling getting worse
What I can never shake is the feeling of yearning for your adoration
Today's sunset sky is as gentle as you,
This time, it isn't a dream, the cry of "don't go."

Haix. I'm running outta sleeping pills and I'm left with 3 muscle relaxers that don't really help a lot.
The pains of a recovering alcoholic,
no alcohol no sleep,
no sleeping pill no sleep,
no sleep, my mind becomes crazy with nonsense -.-
keep me occupied y'all !

Your favourite song is playing on your iTunes now,
the excitement that follows every time the song starts
and we all sing a long.
the sadness interrupts when you know the song going to end
and we reach out, to put it on repeat or play it again.
so the whole cycle goes again. Intentionally.

Now a new song starts, I'll put my play list on shuffle
Let's do things different and without routine this time
Yes, what I am going through now may not be my favourite song
But destiny is what we have no control over so let it be.
Till a new number one song comes along, classic never dies.

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Saturday, May 21

Hey peeps I'm back on track.

I'm fine, I will be.

Just one thing, I'm a recovering alcoholic.
Be gentle with me as I've been in unconsciousness for the past 1 month.
No sleeping pills for me as I need to fall asleep normally as well.

So just call my ass out as and when at night.
yeah because I'm back to work liao.

I've lost 4kg since and I'm as hot as before,
may be even hotter due the half-drunk-cried-too-much bedroom eyes

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